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    The main technical parameters:1, the fission reaction equation is:CH3OH and CO + 2 h2The decomposition temperature of 930 ° CDecomposition gas CO: 33.3%H2:66.7%2, gas raw materials:Liquid METHANOL (METHANOL CH3OH)A purity of 99.5% or more (according to pr

    The main technical parameters:

    1, the fission reaction equation is:

    CH3OH and CO + 2 h2

    The decomposition temperature of 930 ° C

    Decomposition gas CO: 33.3%


    2, gas raw materials:


    A purity of 99.5% or more (according to primary index GB338-85)

    3, gas production: 30 m3 / H

    4, the carbon potential: 0.4

    5, using temperature: 900-1000 ° C


    his furnace adopts the advanced manufacturing technology at home and abroad, combining the latest technology, is the new development of furnace atmosphere protection, low power, high security, high degree of automation, is the ideal super strong convection spheroidizing annealing furnace equipment.

    Technical parameter list

    Note: the gas production in this table is for reference only, actual needs will be subject to formal specification book.

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