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  • The Working Mode of Regenerative Stove

    2018-09-25 15776

    Regenerative hot air furnace is the cycle of work. In a cycle of work cycle, sub-combustion and air blowing period.

    Burning period

    The hot air stove heat, then the cold air inlet and hot air outlet is closed, the gas mask bright annealing furnace and the air according to a certain proportion from the burner into the gas combustion will be hot stove (mainly one of the lattice brick) heating, burning The product, i.e. the flue gas, is discharged from the chimney through the flue from the flue outlet, which is then heated to the desired temperature and then transferred to the blast.

    Air supply period

    Will be cooled by the blast to the blast furnace after heating. At this point off the bell-type furnace burner and flue gas outlet closed, cold air inlet and hot air outlet open by the blower sent by the cold air duct cold air into the stove, the cold air through the grid when the hole is heated, hot air exports by the hot air and Some pipes were sent to the furnace. Air supply for a period of time, hot stove storage of heat reduction, can not be heated to the required temperature of the cold air, the aluminum alloy car hot stove by blowing again into the combustion period. A hot air furnace through the combustion period and the wind period to complete a cycle, hot air furnace is such a combustion and air circulation work continuously. Two (or three or four) hot stove alternating combustion and air supply to ensure uninterrupted supply blast furnace hot air.

    working principle

    Regenerative hot stove works in the combustion process by the hot stove inside the lattice brick heat reserves, when turned into the air, the lattice brick will pass heat to the cold, the cold air heated to blast furnace ironmaking . Its essence is the heat generated by gas combustion to lattice brick as a medium to the process of high-security blast.

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